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Facilitate an awareness of existing community services and improve referral processes

Identify gaps, needs, and duplications in newcomer services, skills & employment

Support & implement projects and initiatives to address those gaps where possible

Provide consultation to government, businesses and organisations on matters relating to newcomers.


An inclusive and welcoming community, where people contribute and thrive, feel empowered and are equipped for success.


A collaborative team working to provide better services on behalf of newcomers to the region, through knowledge sharing and targeted initiatives.


Newcomers Interagency Network

A network of organizations and employers in Wood Buffalo

working together to enhance the lives of newcomers to our community.

NIN Steering Committee

A committee that guides the direction of the NIN through strategic planning,

based on feedback from membership, working groups, the IAT, and research.

Immigrant Advisory Table 

The Immigrant Advisory Table is a committee of community members who were born outside of Canada that represent a diversity of Wood Buffalo Region and work together strategically.

NIN Initiatives

The NIN support projects and initiatives to better meet the needs of newcomers to the region.

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